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Training stable 'De Hoeve' is situated in Naaldwijk, less than a half hour drive from The Hague and Rotterdam. The stable is located nearby the Sportpark 'De Hoge Bomen' (The tall trees), which as the name suggests is characterized by the sporting events and the tall trees in the park.

We are proud that our stable has a variety of facilities, making it both the recreational rider and the advanced rider a great place to stay with their horse(s).
The different facilities are:

Indoor arena 20 x 40 with Grecon floor.
Indoor arena 20 x 65 with Grecon floor.
Indoor hotwalker.
Outdoor lunge area.
Indoor lunge area.
Outdoor arena 20x60 with all weather system by Grecon.
Outdoor paddock with all weather system by Grecon.
Indoor paddock.

In cooperation with Grecon we laid a new floor into the large (20 x 65) indoor arena. Most of the competitions will be held in this indoor arena.

At training stable de Hoeve the customers have the optimal possibility to practise the sport at every level. Not only the accommodation for both the sport and for the recreational rider is optimal, but the accompaniment is available for every level.

There are multiple instructors who provide private lessons and group lessons for the pension clients. For each client there is enough variety.
For example, on Monday there is a carousel lesson for Friesians horses and on Wednesday there are lessons in jumping.

Several days and evenings in the week, the bar is open to have something to eat or drink, and on the days when there is no one behind the bar, there are vending machines available.

There are about 60 boxes for pension horses wich about half of the boxes has an outer hatch. Each corridor has its own saddle room (with saddle boxes), was place (hot and cold water), care place or solarium.
Three times a day the horses are fed, and two times a day yhe horses in the morning the horses get get silage/hay.
In the morning the horses get straw (except Sunday) and in the afternoon they get silage/hay (morning extra possible).
Once a week the boxes are completely refreshed with straw.

For customers there is the possibility for limited pasture.

For further information you can contact us via info@trainingsstaldehoeve.nl


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