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March 2020
Corona measures at Training Stable de Hoeve.

In the fight against the Corona virus, we also want to take the necessary measures at Training Stable de Hoeve:
  • ONLY THE OWNERS / RIDERS / CAREERS of the horses are allowed to groom / ride their horse etc. The horses obviously need all their necessary care.
  • Do not take children to the stable.
  • Do not bring extra visitors to the stable.
  • Keep the visit to the stable as short as possible and if a visit is not necessary, please postpone.
  • The basic hygiene measures also apply in the stable, namely washing hands with soap, coughing and sneezing in the elbow and avoiding close contact.
  • Stay at home with cold or flu complaints. If in doubt, ask someone else to do your horse. Everyone will be willing to do their bit.
  • The group lessons will not continue until April 6.
  • The bar will be closed until April 6. The canteen will be open as long as this is permitted, including the drinks, candy and change machine.
  • Use these measures wisely, it will not benefit anyone if far-reaching steps have to be taken when someone is found to be infected.

We hope for your understanding and hope that over time everything will go back to normal. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Patrick or Sylvia.

Sept 2019
Hollywood wins debuut

The clone of the legendary stallion Jazz won his competition debut by force majeure. Patrick started the stallion of stoeterij Broere at his home base in Naaldwijk and scored 71%.

Sept 2019
New acquisition

Close to home, Patrick bought the handsome stallion foal from the van Vliet family from Maasdijk.
Fontaine x Democraat.

Sept 2019
Successful dressage two days in Tolbert

With two horses and a number of pupils they left Training Stables Homestead to Tolbert. With Sephora, Patrick became second on the first day with almost 69%.
The second day the tough mare went a step further and achieved almost 70%. Chinook ran a very good GP, but unfortunately with a major failure in the double-counting step, which greatly reduced the score.

Patrick's students also scored well in Tolbert.
Charlotte Kruiniger won both U25 categories with Uzzo and also took the overall prize home.

Aug 2019
Gold for President's First Apple at the Pan American Games

Patrick's former top horse won a gold medal at the Pan Amirican Games with his new rider Sarah Lockman.

June 2019
Bronze for team NL in Falsterbo

Patrick rode a good GP with Chinook which resulted in a score of more than 70%.
Chinook scored 74.5% in the kur and achieved a bronze medal with the Dutch team.

June 2019
It's all in the family

Dana and Patrick second in the Pas de deux at outdoor Gelderland.
With the theme it's all family, several family members rode a kur to music on Saturday evening.

June 2019
NK Ermelo

Chinook did a great test in the grand prix and scored almost 69%.

Zippo and Patrick had too many matching errors and this was a test to be forgotten quickly. Zippo was a lot better in the GPspecial and finished in third place.

Chinook ran very well on his new helicopter freestyle and scored almost 73% and a 10th

June 2019
New facade for the indoor riding arena

June 2019
Nation cup Compiëgne

On the beautiful terrain of CDIO5 Compiëgne, Zippo started very well in the GP, but unfortunately there were some expensive mistakes in the canter.
69.4% for Zippo but teammate Emmelie Scholtes wins the GP. Sephora ran a good PSG but had a communication failure in the first trot appuyement.

Zippo did a very good test in the kur and finished in 7th place with almost 75%. A 4th place with the team.

Dana also did good business in Compiegne. Almost 69% in the individual test and almost 72% in the freestyle final and a 6th place.

Jeroen Hamelink was third with the 7 year old and Sophie Marchandeau had a nice young riders debut.

May 2019
Chinook into B-kader

After the nice scores of Deurne, indoor Brabant and outdoor Zeeland, Chinook is accepted in the B-kader. Patrick now has 2 horses in it because Zippo has also been there for a long time.

Apr. 2019
Chinook at Dutch masters Indoor Brabant

Chinook took a nice 8th place on the Dutch masters Indoor Brabant with more than 70%. In the freestyle they went one step further and scored almost 74%

Apr. 2019
Outdoor Zeeland

Chinook ran a good GP in Sint Joosland. A 7th place and more than 70% and with that his third b-frame score. Even a 4th place in the freestyle with 73.5%.

Dana 2 neat tests driven both times over 66%

Mrch. 2019
Our mare Zorinte gave birth.

Our mare Zorinte gave birth to a beautiful mare foal. Oxi (Rousseau x Scandic)

Mrch. 2019
Nice adventure in Doha (Quatar)

The first flight for Zippo went well. At the fantastic accommodation Al Shaqab.
No shortage of luxury for horses and riders. Zippo had some precious mistakes in the GP and scored almost 69% and a 10th place.
Zippo did a good test in the freestyle and finished in 8th place with more than 72%.

Feb. 2019
Patrick and Dana at Le Mans

Chinook ran a good GP in le Mans in France, which was good for a 6th place with almost 70%. Sephora still had some tension during her international debut but is certainly a promise for the future.
Chinook did a very good test in the freestyle. 73% and a 5th place. Dana had her international debut with Caittin and rode 3 strong tests. Nice scores from 65%, 66% and 69% and all times with the best 8.

Dec. 2018
Not for nothing to the National competition in Deurne

Zippo wins the GP with 72.5% and with that his second Olympic box score.
Chinook third with almost 71% and his first B frame score.

Nov. 2018
CDI W Lyon.

Zippo did well during the match break.
In the GP he ran very well and finished in 7th place with 72%.
In the kur a few mistakes and a 10th place with 75%.

Nov. 2018
Ice sold.

The Negro son from the mother of Uzzo was sold to Nienke de Wolf.
Ice appears to have a lot of talent as a full-time horse and, besides his posture, also has a great character.

Okt. 2018
Jazz clones on photo.

Top photographer Sjoert has had the tough fox stallions in front of his camera.
What a nice result.

Photo's: Sjoert

Okt. 2018
Chinook wins It's All Dressage.

In New Sint Joosland, Chinook wins both the GP and the kur

Oct. 2018
President's First Apple sold.

Presdident's Chagall D & R wins the GP both days and with that the overall price.
The talented chestnut stallion will continue his career under the American rider Sarah Lockman.
Patrick has already achieved several successes with the stallion and trained him to Grand Prix level.

Sept. 2018
Successfull subtop dressage two days in Tolbert.

Chinook pretty second with a few alignment errors. Furthermore, there were many students with Tolbert who also have ridden well and learned a lot again.
A pleasant and successfull weekend.

Aug. 2018
KNHS talent plan.

Dana with Caittin included in the KNHS talent plan.
Thus an official talents status.

28 dec. 2017
Nice ending of 2017.

At the Christmas competition in Mechelen, Patrick managed to win 3 of the 4 classes to his name and he became second again. In the PSG President's First Apple already had a very good test and won with 72.87%!

Zippo clearly showed that he is becoming more and more confirmed and that there is still clear progress possible. A nice victory with 72.72% With this Patrick and Zippo are also included in the Olympic selection through the new criteria.

In the Int1 kur First Apple took it a step further and won with almost 3% lead. A mega score on his international light tour debut of 76.28% !!!

Zippo started very well in the kur but in the canter there were a few small mistakes. A nice score of 75.15% but with this he had to let the Belgian Jorinde Verwimp go ahead.

15 dec. 2017
Zippo fourth at the German dressage violence.

In frankfurt Zippo ran a very good Grand Prix in the difficult ring. With this, he finished in a good 4th place behind the three German top combinations.
In the GP special, Zippo had a little more trouble, but again he got a fourth place.

1 nov. 2017
President's First Apple to Jumping Amsterdam.

During the selection contest for Jumping Amsterdam in Utrecht, First Apple ran a very good PSG. With this he won the category with over 71% and earned a ticket to Amsterdam.

19 nov. 2017
Zippo gets more routine.

Zippo ran a very good Grand prix at the big German Masters in Stuttgart. A score of over 71% which was good for an 8th place in this strong field.
Zippo actually ran very well in the kur, but Patrick dropped the necessary stitches himself. This kept the score at 73.6% and there was so much more resident.

5 aug. 2017
New foal.

At the foal auction in Dronten, Trainingstable de Hoeve bought the stallion Mowgli V Governor vm Sandreo.

5 aug. 2017
At the last moment to the EK.

Two days before leaving for Gothenburg, Patrick received a call that there were 2 dropouts, and if he could quickly get his belongings to go to the European Championship.

Friday night he left for a journey of 1150km. On Saturday afternoon, Zippo got a little tired of the car because he had to travel with the 2 horse truck and he was not used to it.
Sunday all four horses were well through the fat check so the match could begin.
Tuesday, Zippo ran a very good Grand Prix test with some tension in the second piaffe. Over 71% and a nice 7th place after the first day.
Diederik from Silfhout drove a very good Grand Prix and the Dutch team was on silver after the first day.

The second half of the national contest was a bit less. Madeleine did not care what she was worth and Edward did not get his horse as they usually perform. A disappointing 5th place in the team rankings.

In the Grand Prix Special Patrick got a few small mistakes in the series, but Zippo went very well. 71.3% Unfortunately, 0.3% deficit for a place in the final.

Super pleased with Zippo's at an International Championship.

5 aug. 2017
New foal.

Stallion Moncheretto (Hitmaker x Uphill).

3 aug. 2017
President's First Apple's best Dutch horse at the World Cup.

The World Championships for 7 year old dressage horses started the same with Patrick with First Apple, despite the storm. In the first part, the impressive stallion finished in a second place with a score of 81%. As a result, they placed themselves immediately for the final.

In the final, First Apple ran a virtually flawless test and continued to behave well. A nice 4th place with almost 81%. With this he was the best Dutch horse of his year.
A big boost for Patrick because what was disappointed that the selection committee had less confidence in the combination than Patrick himself.

23 july 2017
Great CHIO Aken.

The Netherlands was host country this year during the CHIO Aachen.
On Monday there was an opening with the typical Dutch Friesen horses, rig horses and Frau Antje on the market square.
On Tuesday there was an opening in a sold out stage and the Dutch riders went on the bike.
On Wednesday in the PSG, Chinook had some strain of tension in the impressive Deutsche Bank Stadium but showed many very nice parts. A 8th place with 69.4%.
Thursday, Zippo ran one of his best tests so far. A very handsome 11th place in this strong contestant with 72.3%.
Saturday, Zippo ran a good GP special and scored 71.3% and placed himself here for the cure. Chinook ran a very nice test in the Int 1 and finished in a 5th place with almost 71%.
On sunday, Patrick really enjoyed it. Zippo ran a fantastic kur in the sold out stadium and finished in a 10th place with over 75%.

At the end of the day, the abschied of the nations swept 45,000 people with a white handkerchief to the beat of the music. This can only be in Aachen.


16 july 2017
Silver for Chinook at the Dutch Championship.

On Thursday was the first test of the final for the World Cup young dressage horses.
President's First Apple finished 3rd place with over 78%.

On Friday the rain came out of the sky during the trial with Chinook. The beautiful black stallion did not matter and ran a good trial with more than 71% and a 6th place. With this he placed himself for the final.
Danielle van Mierlo (Patrick's student) won this first part. Zippo suffered tension in the Grand Prix and got some trouble in the test. Almost 71% and 10th place On Saturday,
President's First Apple ran a very good final test and scored almost 78%.
This was the ticket for the World Cup. Chinook really walked a pretty flawless cure, and Patrick could receive the silver medal with almost 76%.

30 june 2017
The new mare foal MEXX.



Photo: Sjoert

30 june 2017
Chinook wins the final selection.

Photo: Sjoert

In Oud Beijerland, Chinook earned a starting place at the NK. Chinook ran a flawless and relaxing test and won with 72.3%.

26 june 2017
At the CHIO Rotterdam Patrick and Zippo in the CDI3.

The Grand Prix started very well but Patrick tried to do something good and got some precious errors in double-counting parts. A 7th place with 69.5%.
In the kur, Zippo ran a very good test. A nice third place with 74%.

During the kur on Saturday night, Patrick, Charlotte Kruiniger, Danielle van Mierlo, Marije de Lange and Sanne van der Pols gave a nice demonstration.

Photo: Babette van der Wal fotografie

16 june 2017
President's First Apple through to final.

In Etten Leur the semi-final was driven for the selection of the World Cup young dressage horses.

The tough stallion ran a good test and passed through to the final in Ermelo.

8 juni 2017
GP kur debut for President's Chagall D&R at Delft.

President's Chagall D & R wins his debut in GP with almost 72% at the beautiful Concours in Delft.
The sturdy chestnut was somewhat distracted by the mares in the meadow, but he certainly makes sure to be a top Grand Prix horse.
The 4-year-old Ice was on the strange ground for the first time. He thought it was exciting but was super good.


June 2017
Beautiful new PETRIE boots for Patrick..


20 may 2017
Successful Competition at Compiegne.


At the CDIO in Compiegne Patrick had his horses well in shape.
Chinook unfortunately had some precious mistakes in PSG and Int1 but went really well in the kur and finished in a 2nd place with 74.3%.
Patrick is in the Dutch team with Zippo and ran a good test with more than 71% and 10th place. In the kur Zippo went very well and scored 73.7% which was good for a 8th place.


The team won bronze. President's First Apple wrote both sections for the 7 year old in his name by almost 80% and 81.74% !!
On the photo, the owner of Chinook Jose Kruiniger and the owner of First Apple Carolyn Kooiman.


7 may 2017
President pony team wins HWR team challenge.

The daughters of Patrick and Sylvia; Dana, Finette and Veerle won the team competition with force majeure.


30 april 2017
Zippo and Chinook at Hagen.

Zippo en Chinook

Zippo and Chinook run well at the Horses and Dreams Competition in Hagen.
Both in the PSG and Int 1, Chinook ran very well. In both tests almost 70%.
In the GP Zippo showed much improved. Unfortunately, some errors in double counting exercises.
As a result, the score remained just under 70%.

30 apr. 2017
Patrick and Zippo in the Olympic selection.


15 apr. 2017
Promising international debut President's First Apple

In the Belgian Sint Truiden an international dressage competition was organized for the first time.
In preparation for the World Cup young dressage horses this year, Patrick President's First Apple started with the 7 year olds. His international debut could not be better.

The anthem for First Apple and a mega score of 76.8% !! In the final test, the big impressive fox even scored higher. With 77.75% he also won this category.

11 apr. 2017
Good Ibop Gold Apple in Barsingerhoorn.

Via President Stables, Totilas's daughter came to Trainingstable de Hoeve in training. Patrick drove First Apple's half sister to a beautiful score of 84 points.

10 apr. 2017
Enzo sold.

Via President Stables, the full brother of Uzzo has been sold to Esmeralda Tol. She will continue to work with Enzo at the President Stables and then be accompanied by Patrick.

7 apr. 2017
Patrick well on track in Outdoor Zeeland International.

It was pretty tough for the horses at the first outdoor show of this year. In the PSG, Chinook managed to drive super and scored more than 72% and finished in a nice 2nd place.
The int 1 debut of Chinook went even better. With a mega score of 73.7%.

Zippo ran a nearly flawless GP with beautiful piaffes and passages. A fourth place with more than 72% and this third Olympic cadence score.

Chinook was already doing well in Zeeland, but in the Kur he was too good for his competitors. With a 5% lead in number 2 he won the final with over 78% !!!

Unfortunately, Patrick was less in shape in the final of the GP. After riding the wrong direction after the zigzag the concentration was gone and they got too many mistakes.

11 mrt. 2017
Indoor Brabant.

With good courage Patrick left with Chinook and Zippo to Den Bosch.
The first day Chinook ran a good test and scored almost 71% and a 5th place.

In the GP Zippo was tensed and rubbed his tongue upon entry. After the second part, the jury called the combination. Patrick thought Zippo might have bitten his tongue and left disappointed the ring. Later it appeared that the jury had called for irregularity, which certainly was not the case. An incorrect decision by the jury that unfortunately could not be reversed. As a result, Patrick with Zippo could not participate in the course.

Chinook made it to the final. He ran a very good cure and became pretty 3rd with 73.5%.

21 feb. 2017
New horse riding trails.

The municipality council has just announced that €200,000 will be made available for the construction of horse riding trails.

18 feb. 2017
5e place in WB Neumunster.

Photo: A.Verbaan
The first day Zippo was a bit tense on the environment causing too many costly mistakes. Fortunately, Patrick drove a pretty almost flawless Kür on music and ended up in a good 5th place with over 74%.

11 feb. 2017
Nice scores in Hulten.

At least 71% scored Patrick with the beautiful Chinook.
With this he finished 2nd place in the PSG. The ZZZ was won by Patrick with the impressive President's First Apple with almost 69%.

Coco Chanel was also involved in practicing the GP. The beautiful diva needs some time, but the potential is sure.

4 feb. 2016
Beautiful World Cup debut Zippo.

Photo: www.focussed.nl
Patrick got the call that he could still ride on the day of the veterinary inspection. One of the nicest indoor competitions "Jumping Amsterdam".

At the GP Zippo was a bit tensed from the applause of the previous combination, Edward Gal.
Yet an almost faultless test, more than 70% and to the freestyle.

The Freestyle was again almost faultless and Zippo was more relaxed and showed more looseness and behavior. More than 75% and a handsome 8th place in this strong field.

25 jan. 2017
Nice score Zippo.

On the competition at Nieuw- en Sint Joosland Patrick and Zippo had their best GP so far.
Zippo was relaxed and ran a flawless test with much impression.
A super score of 73.87% which is more than enough for the new standards for the Olympics .
The competition was great in this section and thus ended on a handsome 3rd place.

24 jan. 2017
Winning ZZZ debut President's First Apple.

Patrick drove the tough fox earlier in the World Cup selections, Pavo and during Dressage Masters.
At Schipluiden First Apple ran his first ZZZ and won by more than 70% by force majeure.
It is a large, and not yet seven years old, very young horse, says Patrick, but he has so much talent for the heavier exercises.
This will be another horse to train calmly the great work.

31 dec. 2016
Nice end in 2016 in Mechelen.

On the Christmas competition "Jumping Mechelen" Chinook ran his first international competition. The debut was well succeeded as the national anthem sounded for the black pearl. Won the PSG with 70.58%! In the GP Zippo was suffering from stress, there were a lot of good things but there were too many costly mistakes. A 4th place with 70.5%.

In the Freestyle Chinook was very tense on the noise in the stands and breaks the inexperience still too much. Costly mistakes and a 5th place with almost 69%.

Zippo ran a super nice kur !!! Faultless and a high degree of difficulty. A 3rd place with 76.3% !!!


Watch here the video of Chinook.

Watch here the video of Zippo.

28 dec. 2016
Zippo pretty relaxed in Festhalle Frankfurt.

In the impressive ring in Frankfurt Zippo ran a nice relaxing GP and finished in 10th place with almost 70%.

In the Grand Prix Special Zippo felt even better and ran an almost flawless test and finished in 4th place with 71%.

9 dec. 2016
2nd place for Chinook in Utrecht.

Patrick drove the black pearl for the second time in the PSG in Utrecht.
Chinook ran a good test and begins to become apparently stronger and gain more experience.
A nice 2nd place with 71.67% in the selection contest for Jumping Amsterdam.

16 nov. 2016
Zippo shows a lot of progress in Maastricht.

In the Grand Prix Zippo ran a very good and relaxed test.
A 5th place with 72.5%.
The kur started very strong with a beautiful piaffe and passage, but unfortunately Zippo built up tension in the gallop which caused costly mistakes.
6th place again with 72.5%.

Chinook went along to train and learned a lot.

6 nov. 2016
Beautiful Light Tour debut Chinook.

At Delft the second selection for a starting place at Jumping Amsterdam was held.
Patrick rode the handsome son of Vivaldi to a score of 69.45% and a nice 4th place in this strong field of competitors.

The switch to the small tour is still a little bit early, but if possible, Patrick would like to ride him at the Christmas show at Jumping Mechelen.

18 oct. 2016
Successful 'It's all dressage' at Nieuw en Sintjoosland.

With 4 horses, 2 trucks and a number of students, Laury and Patrick left for Zeeland.
Thursday night President's First Apple ran his first ZZL trial and won by nearly 70%.
On Friday it was Majestic Chinook's turn and ran a very nice test. 2nd place with almost 71%.
Zippo started as first in the GP. He was pretty relaxed for his first indoor race. With only one mistake in the series a clear victory with almost 70%.
Sir Fashion has yet to gain some experience. A major failure in the first piaffe and errors in the series pushed the score to almost 64%.
Saturday was President's First Apple turn again. Another 1st place with over 69%.
Majestic Chinook was again 2nd with over 68%.
Zippo gave many spectators goosebumps and won the Grand Prix Freestyle with 75%.
Sir Fashion finished as4th with nearly 69%.
On Sunday Presiden't's First Apple danced on his first kur to 2nd place.
Majestic Chinook gave his lady owner tears in her eyes and won the freestyle with almost 71%.


18 oct. 2016
Coco Chanel wins int2 debut.

After Patrick had kept his Black Diva at home for a while for training, he wanted to make the switch.
In the first instance Patrick would start in Maasdijk HC to see if she was ready.
With the warming up she felt actually pretty nice and Patrick decided to go officially .

A beautiful 1st place with 67,24% and thus a starting permit for the GP.

18 okt. 2016
Patrick ahead with two stallions.

At equestrian center Chardon, Patrick managed to win two categories.
The ZZZ he won with the black pearl Majestic Chinook with 68.36%.
In the Grand Prix, he won with the tough Sir Fashion with 68,70%.

Pupil Danielle van Mierlo won with Dayano the PSG.

22 aug. 2016
President's First Apple second at PAVO.

Photo: www.focussed.nl
In the semifinals the impressive Fox ran a very stable test with great flexibility. A third place and a lot of praise from the jury.

The final was held indoor because of the weather. This was the first time that First Apple was in such surroundings, but he behaved as if he had never done anything else.
A super score of 86 points and a handsome second place.

"The holiday has done him good" joked Patrick, who had recently returned from his Holliday.

19 july 2016
Good results for Patrick at the National Championships.

On Thursday was the semifinal of the World Championships for young horses.

President's First Apple ran as if he was in such accommodation every day. A nice test and a score of 80.2 which was good for 8th place.

Friday Patrick rode with President's Chagall
D & R one of their best tests so far. A score of more than 73% and a 4 th place.

In the Grand Prix Patrick rode with Zippo a very strong test with a minor error in a pirouette. A score of more than 72% and a 10 place.

Saturday was President's First Apple in the final perhaps even better than Thursday. A score of 80.6 and a 7th place. This first reserve for the World Championships for young horses.

With President'S Chagall D & R Patrick showed a beautiful kur. Another handsome 4th place with more than 73%.

Sunday in the final of the Grand Prix ran Zippo for the second time its new kur. A nice test was good for more than 74% and a 9th place in the final standings.

Very nice to hear from a lot of different people how good the horses are improved.

14 july 2016
Uzzo wins Zeeland outdoor.

Charlotte Kruiniger won at the beautiful show in Nieuw en Sintjoosland the PSG. President's majestic Uzzo ran a nice test with a beautiful trot section and one error in the series.

A big victory by nearly 72%

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